Where to Go During Your Time In Miami

Miami is an awesome US destination to visit with so much to do and so many places to see. Most people head to Florida for Orlando’s theme parks but if you head a little further south then you can spend some time in the incredible city of Miami. This is a city which specializes in variety, both from the cultures which have called this place their home, as well as the mixture of the rich and famous, and good hard working people who mix seamlessly throughout the city.

Miami offers a wide range of options for tourists from relaxing on the beach to partying into the night at some of the country’s finest nightclubs, indulging in latino life and visiting some beautiful locations. If Miami has been somewhere that you’ve had your eye on then don’t wait, search for flights to Miami today and when you get there, here is how to spend your time.

Visit Little Havana

For many years Miami was the ultimate haven for Cubans who wanted to escape communism and seek out their own dreams. When so many people from a particular country land on foreign shores they often bring with them their own culture and set up communities which are in place to protect it. This is what you’ll find in Little Havana here in Miami, a series of streets which are chock full of rich Cuban heritage. Whether it is the music which you hear coming out of the bars, the cigar shops or the Cubans themselves wandering up and down the sidewalks, this place feels miles away from the USA and gives you a really insight into what Cuban life is like.

Miami Beach

There is a small island just outside the shores of Miami called Miami beach and if you want the perfect place to relax and unwind then this is the place to go. So thin is the island that you can see the beach on both sides of the roads and relaxing here for an afternoon is simply bliss. There are many beaches within Miami but this is by far the coolest and the trendiest place to go.

The Everglades

You can reach the Everglades National Park from Miami in under an hour and once you’ve parked up you can head out across this vast and fascinating 1.5 million acre area of swampland. This is home to alligators, wild birds crocodiles and snakes, and if you take an airboat tour your guide will be able to take you across the wetlands so that you can get up close and personal with the wide range of wildlife and eco-systems which can be found here.

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is a street in Miami which has gained all kinds of fame, mainly for its popularity amongst celebrities through the ages. If you head to Ocean Drive at night then you can drink in the nightlife of Miami and its best clubs. Keep your eye out on the strip as you will also see some phenomenal cars cruising by, Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bugatti’s here pass by more often than public transport!

Coral Castle

Coral Castle is an amazing outdoor art installation which was created by off-the-wall artist Edward Leedskalninand. This piece is made from 1100 tonnes of coral rock and it has been shaped into a small castle-like sculpture which features interactive areas which you can sit on. This is an example of cool Miami art and you can find it on the coast near Coconut Grove.

Salt Marshes and Indian Burial Grounds

The Deering Estate was first built in the early 20th Century and it makes for an awesome place to visit during your time in Miami.  This estate features historical buildings across its 440 acre plot as well as salt marshes, pine habitats and even an ancient Indian curial ground dating back to the early 16th Century. Visitors are welcomed into the estate to wander around, take photos, experience this historical site here in Miami and learn a little more about the history of the estate.

Catch Some Live Sports

If you are in town when there is a sports game on then you should absolutely try to get tickets to check it out. Whether you go to see the Miami Heat basketball team at the American Airlines arena or check out the Miami Dolphins at the Hard Rock stadium, you are guaranteed to have a great time. Americans love their sports and these live events bring huge amounts of razzmatazz and enjoyment to the event on the whole. Whether you like sports or not, it won’t take long for you to be swept up in the atmosphere and you are sure to have an experience which you’ll never forget.

Which will be your first stop when you get to Miami?