The Impact of the Internet on How We View Technology

The Internet and technology is far more a part of our day-to-day lives than ever before, and, with the correct mind set, the positives can outweigh the negative consequences of this fact. The pervasiveness of tech and the World Wide Web means that we often are not aware of what is actually going on –instead of communicating face-to-face we have our heads buried in our smartphones and tablets, and there is somewhat of an off-putting influence that we need to be aware of as well.

Technology Hinders Our Focus

If you have ever attempted a conversation while someone is watching TV, you realise the level at which technology hampers our ability to focus on one thing. Smartphone and tablets now take the place of TVs, and, for many people, it is as if you are not even sitting there with them. While this is an irritating aspect of the impact of Internet on technology, it becomes downright dangerous when people attempt to multi-task actions like driving and texting, with car accidents as a result becoming a lot more commonplace these days.

Technology Alters Our Reading Habits

Have you caught yourself just scanning through a book’s pages, rather than reading each word, line by line? You are not alone if you have. The internet has changed the way we read, and has us now scanning for keywords, searching for links, and trying to get as much information in as short a time as is possible. As innocuous as limiting one’s reading to work available on the internet may be, our attitude to this consequence of the internet on our habits is a disturbing one. We may also spend less time reading and more time playing game on our mobile devices, and with the availability of online Baccarat Canada games and other international options at our fingertips, it is easy to is why!

Technology Brings FOMO About

FOMO –the Fear of Missing Out- sounds like less of a problem than it is, but the impact of the Internet on the way we view technology like social media networks has been a largely negative one. This condition is now being treated as a serious psychological issue, and has people experiencing evidence of inadequacy, irritation and anxiety from the fear that they are not able to participate in the seemingly perfect experiences others are enjoying.

Technology Distances Us from Moments and One Another

The next time you are at a music concert, art exhibition, or tourist attraction, try a small experiment. Take a look around and count how many people are glued to their gadgets, snapping pictures and recording videos, at the expense of actually begin present for the experience they have ostensibly chosen to enjoy.

Our perception that an encounter is only as worthwhile as the reaction the publication of it gets, very largely impacted by the fact that the internet has provided us with technology that keeps us, ostensibly, connected, means that we are not having as much fun as we used to. Although we are making sure no one else knows this!

The Positive Impact of the Internet on Technology

We do not view technology as outside of ourselves any more, and the Internet has impacted our view on tech to an enormous degree. While the negative consequences of this impact should not be ignored, neither should the positive, and we are also able to harness mobile technology to improve our minds, learn new things, and experience places and people we would not otherwise be able to these days as well.