Is The New PlayStation 4 Worth Buying?

The PlayStation 4 from Sony is one of the most popular gaming consoles at this time.  It has a large range of games and a sophisticated controller and console.  The PS4 also has a variety of connected services that allows for online gaming and media streaming.  The PS4 is a worthy opponent when it comes to console gaming.

Variety of Gaming Options

Sony has released over 200 games that include the favourites such as Grand Theft Auto, Overwatch, Battlefield, Last of Us, FIFA and NFL.  Many of these games are also franchised and are exclusive to Sony such as Bloodborne, Driveclub and Uncharted.  Not only are there disc-based games, but Sony has also released over 500 games that can be downloaded via the PlayStation Network (PSN).  Players can also look at game demos and media as well as online multiplayer gaming, messaging and chats. It may not offer instant access to CAD casino games, but it’s entertainment value is pretty close.

PS4 DualShock Controller

The PS4 comes with a DualShock 4 controller and players may also be able to buy PS4 bundles that have two controllers.  Controllers are also available to be purchased separately.  For players who like to play against each other the PS4 can support four controllers at the same time, but for some of the games multiple players are not supported.

The controller is connected via Bluetooth and charged using a micro USB when not being used.  PS4 has a new option, a PlayStation camera which can be purchased separately and this can be used together with a light bar situated in the front of the controller and is used for motion control in some of the games.  This light can also identify which controller is in use and also provides lighting for some of the games.

The DualShock controllers can be purchased in a range of colours such as Jet Black, Wave Blue, Urban Camouflage and a range of limited edition colours.  There are new features on the controller that include a touchpad, built-in speaker and an audio jack.  It also comes with a great feature, a share button which players can use to capture screenshots and share them on the PSN and social media sites. With mobile gaming growing at such a rapid pace and offering major competition Sony has had to offer something special, and it looks like they have managed to do just that.

PS4 Console Specs

The PS4 console is made of black plastic and is a mix of matte and glossy, while the PS4 Pro and Slim are all matte.  It measures 2.2 by 10.8 by 12 inches and will fit into almost all entertainment centres.  The console comes with 3 USB ports on the front which can be used to charge the controllers as well as to connect accessories and storage devices.  The console will plug into a TV using HDMI and is compatible with media playback such as 4K and also offers the option for surround sound.

It has 8GB Ram and a 500GB hard drive and some versions have a 1TB hard drive, it does not support upgrades though for more storage.  The console has a Blu-Ray as well as DVD playback and other media services that include YouTube, HBO and Netflix.  Players can also buy or rent movies and TV series via the PSN.  PS4 can also connect to cable or HDTV antenna and sports fans can watch various sporting events using apps.

The PS4 is a great upgrade for PlayStation fans and will definitely improve gaming and offers many extra features, which help players to connect with others and share.  The PS4 is a worthy opponent in the gaming world.