What to Expect From Your Family Trip To Orlando

Source: Unsplash | Erasto Chavez

A first time trip to Orlando with your family will be the type of vacation which you have never experienced before. This type of trip differs greatly from a fortnight at a holiday resort, a long city break or a two week break to a relaxing beach resort. Here in Orlando there is so much fun and adventure to be had and all of that comes at a cost, and we are just talking about money. In order to prepare yourself properly, here is what you can expect from a family trip to Orlando.


The first thing which you’ll notice when you get off the plane is the searing heat of summer in Orlando. Now this won’t come as any great surprise to you but it is something which you should have uppermost in your mind. During the summer in Florida it isn’t only the heat but how dry that heat is which can leave you dehydrated very quickly. You must keep sun lotion topped up at all times and ensure that you have plenty of water throughout the day. This is even more important when it comes to the kids who will need to keep a hat on and stay out of the sun during peak times.

Hyper Children

Your kid’s minds are going to be exploding each day during trip to Orlando, especially when they visit the theme parks. Too much excitement can lead to some hyper kids so you need to ensure that they get plenty of rest. Be careful with the sugary snacks too as they will send the little ones into overdrive.

Waiting in Lines

The summer months attracts hundreds of thousands of people to Orlando so you can expect to be waiting in lines for a lot of your vacation. Mainly this will be in the theme parks but even restaurants and local attractions will feature long lines which you’ll have endure, so learn to be patient. To avoid lines when waiting for theme park entry make sure that you have your tickets before you go, this can help you avoid the lines and save some money on entrance fees. We bought Universal Orlando tickets online last year and saved around 20% on the ticket costs.

Fun Packed Days

This type of vacation will feature days that are packed wall-to-wall with fun and excitement. Unlike some vacations where you can get some nice relaxation time, this will be a trip which, when executed well, will feature more excitement and adventure than you will be used to, which is exactly why so many love taking the family to Orlando.

Constantly Moving

To get the most out of a trip like this you’ll need to be moving around each day which means that you need to be up and out early to make the most of your time here. Expect to be traveling a great deal, walking even more and generally being on your feet for the majority of each day.


Many joke that after a trip to Florida they need another vacation just to unwind because you will feel so tired after the break. The excitement, the walking, the adventures and being constantly on the go will leave you completely drained when you get home and you know what, it is absolutely worthwhile.

This is a vacation which you are going to love, but you need to know exactly what to expect in order to make the most out of it.