5 Steps to Becoming a Travel Nurse

Today, some of the most desirable and lucrative career paths are those that include travel. If you’ve ever thought about embarking on a career where you get the chance to move around, visit new places and make new friends every few months, while still retaining the security and stability of a traditional salaried position, you might want to consider pursuing a job in the healthcare field. It’s now even easier to embark on a career in health care with options like the fast track nursing programs at gmercyu.edu available. Health care professionals today are now increasingly on the go, yet they retain the compensation and security benefits of highly professional work.

The First Step to Becoming a Traveling Nurse

If you like to travel and are interested in a scientific yet people-oriented career track, then pursuing your RN to MSN might be right for you. RN refers to a registered nursing degree and MSN refers to a master’s of nursing science. While an RN certification will enable you to work in a variety of healthcare contexts, hospitals, hospice, and private practice, an MSN makes you an even more attractive candidate to working as a travel nurse. The first step to becoming a travel nurse is to get your qualifying education, this means enrolling in an MSN online degree program. Prerequisites for programs such as this are high school/GED and bachelor degrees, and a previous RN certification.

Passing Your Certification Exams

A travel nurse is always on the go. As a travel nurse, you will move to different assignments every few months across the country, or in some cases, internationally. As such, you need to pass a variety of certification exams. These exams include the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Programs such as University of Arizona‘s MSN online degree program offers you the instruction and support to pass your NCLEX exam and allows you to pursue a variety of specializations in clinical care, to ensure you’re working in the field you’re passionate about.

Getting Experience as an RN

The next step to becoming a successful travel nurse after transitioning from your RN to your MSN is to get first-hand experience working with hospitals or clinics to show your expertize and proficiency. After getting your MSN online you should have no trouble applying for competitive positions.

Apply to Staffing Agencies

Once you have experience working, it’s time to apply to various staffing and governmental agencies that employ traveling nurses. Apply for the specific clinical populations you want to work with, whether that’s the elderly, children, or individuals affected by emergency situations. The University of Arizona provides students with resources to find the right job.

Finally Get Used to Being on the Road

Now, as a travel nurse who has attained your MSN, you need to get used to a flexible traveling and living schedule. Being a travel nurse can be exciting, but there are practical considerations to keep in mind like housing and transportation. Because you have your MSN, you should be able to find a position that offers you both financial and living arrangement support in your new lifestyle.


More so than any other market sector, the healthcare field is constantly adding new positions and career opportunities for individuals who are seeking to push themselves and to help their communities. If you are interested in travel and direct service, going into the healthcare field might be the perfect career choice for you.