A Guide To Action Cameras 

Action cameras have been on the market for some time now and sports fanatics around the globe have bought into these cube-like cameras that do some pretty nifty tricks. Available in a wide variety of resolution options, action cameras are like the dynamite that comes in a small package.

They are actually unbelievable pieces of modern technology. Most action cams available today can take still images and shoot video clips in full high definition or native 4K. It’s pretty impressive as the entire device can sit snugly in the palm of your hand. It is small, compact and rugged, a perfectly optimized piece of new age tech, for the modern sportsman or sportswoman looking to capture latest accomplishments.

These devices are so much more than a camera. They are a means to a way to tell a story. Action cams can mount to the top of a helmet, or other surfaces like the edge of a surfboard to capture your living experience from a point of view style that is becoming increasingly popular to share with fans or friends and family.

Social Sharing 

Many top athletes are starting to feel the pressure of a strong social media presence. Action cameras for social media purposes has seen some of the world’s top athletes resorting to action cameras to engage with people and share their stories from an uninterrupted personal perspective.

That’s where the action cam is so clever; it understands that all things social on the net are driven by audience engagement. When people engage with content they are more likely to share it and invest time in it. That’s where action cams scooped a huge market, allowing audiences to take to the streets and share their own versions of their life experiences.

Best Action Cameras 2017 

The following action cams are the best available on the market today. If you’re looking for the ultimate in personal recording performance, then you simply have the following options to capture your antics in the water, on the golf course, in the air or anywhere else for that matter!

The GoPro Hero5 Black 

It’s at the top of the list for a reason; GoPro is the best in the action cam business with a stellar inventory of handsome box shaped action cameras to suit a variety of needs and budgets. As cool as NZD casino games, the GoPro has become the go-to camera for adrenalin junkies who want to capture their exploits on film.

The Hero5 is a nifty little device, complete with easy to use features including a rear touch screen, voice control, a GPS, RAW still images and a wide dynamic range all allow for an all in one package, which will take your life story to the next level.

The device also comes with an updated app version for Quick Stories that will automatically transfer and edit footage for all your social media needs.

The TomTom Bandit 

It’s bullet shaped and for good reason, the TomTom bandit is changing the word excitement into a living capture. The Bandit features awesome sensory technology that actually measures speed and G-force. So, when something exhilarating happens the device automatically tags the footage go you.

With features including an easy to use app, 4K video and decent still resolution of 16MP, the Bandit is the perfect choice for the adrenaline junkie looking to capture life through a lens.

Get Going With The Olympus TG-Tracker 

TomTom has an impressive action camera in the Bandit, but the Olympus TG-Tracker takes sensory overload and combines it with futuristic design for next level action cam fun. A super wide, 204-degree lens, chipped with a CMOS sensor, supports its unmistakeable design.

The TG-Tracker takes all your favourite sporting events to the next level with 4K video at 30 fps, full high definition at 60 fps. For slow motion captures, the Tracker supports a whopping 240 fps at 720p, making the TG-Tracker boosted in every sense of the word.

The big features that blow this camera to the forefront of the sensory world are the GPS, compass, acceleration and barometer trackers and sensors that all show during playback for the ultimate rendition of your extreme trip.