Backpacking Across the United States While Studying Medicine

The United States is a very big country, covering a little over 9 million square kilometers. Most Americans only ever see a fraction of what this great nation has to offer. From the beautiful desert views at The Grand Canyon to the majestic wildlife at Yellowstone Park, much of our country goes unappreciated by large sections of the population. It used to be the case that young adults had to make a choice between pursuing a university education and going traveling, with one having to be put off for a few years. Now, however, online degrees have evolved to the point where distance learning is a viable option for earning a degree which carries the same weight as its offline counterparts.

The experience of traveling makes us more receptive to new ideas and this makes it a perfect backdrop against which to begin pursuing a scientific area of study. The field of medicine pairs particularly well with backpacking across the United States, as it will offer a fantastic opportunity to see the regional differences across the country and how cultural and economic differences affect the quality of healthcare provision. As well as a unique perspective, you will be able to apply for volunteer and other work at hospitals or in university labs, giving you some real-world experience that will be valuable to employers.

Plan Ahead

While there is much to be said for adventuring off the well-worn path and having your own adventure, you should plan ahead if you are traveling while studying. For one thing, you will need to ensure first and foremost that you keep up with the demands of your online course and that you don’t put yourself under unnecessary stress by neglecting deadlines. Planning ahead is not only good time management practice; it also means you can make the most of what’s around you wherever you are. As well as setting aside time to see the various sights that the United States offers, you should also try and visit places relevant to your degree. In the case of online medical lab science programs, these might include educational centers and museums.

Gain Experience

You can always try writing to universities or hospitals explaining that you are studying an NAACLS accredited medical laboratory science program and ask them whether they can offer a tour of their facilities or even some volunteer work, which will look excellent on any resume.

Make Yourself Truly Mobile

If you plan on studying an online course while traveling then you will want to make sure that you have a laptop, tablet, and phone that are portable, pleasant to use, and fit for the purpose of studying. While these items can sometimes be expensive, you should view them as sensible investments that will help you secure the right degree to pursue your dream career.

Traveling and studying are both journeys in their own ways. Combining the physical journey that comes from backpacking with the intellectual journey of studying for a degree makes a great opportunity for personal development and growth.