Best Travel Locations for Kids

Many parents, grandparents and carers all believe that having a holiday with a child in tow isn’t the easiest of times. Let alone with multiple children of differing ages. However, it all depends on location and whether or not you plan the trip with something in mind for the children to do while they are there.

If you choose a location based on activities for everyone to enjoy, alongside budget and logistical consideration, then you have a better chance of making it a great holiday, instead of the struggle you imagine. For the best travel locations with children, no matter your budget, check out a few of the options below:


Looking for a beautiful beach, warm sun and lots of stuff for both adults and children alike to enjoy? Then you need to travel and discover the beauty of France’s seaside resorts. Brittany is particularly beautiful and offers the perfect location for a bucket and spade holiday. With campsites, coves to discover secret mermaids in, rocky crops where lots of sea fish live and plenty of golden beaches to fall in love with.

For the older children or more adventurous adults, there is also windsurfing or even a day out sailing a boat to be discovered in such areas.


Do you have children with fanciful imaginations? Then, for the older child, the best location is that of Romania. And what better place to go than the home country of Count Dracula himself? You can even visit the famed Bran Castle, which is quintessentially linked to the famed story of vampires and things that go bump in the night.

Here you can even learn the true history of Vlad the Impaler and how he came about his less than appealing name. If you have a few adults with a fascination for history in the group as well, then this is the best location for your family to get batty over.


With a slightly bigger budget and a slightly more adventurous set of children, the world of Iceland is a snowy landscape that you will not regret exploring. Here you and your children can witness the expanse of the Northern Lights first hand. From there, you can explore stunning locations such as the Blue Lagoon and go hunting for Iceland’s Huldufolk (hidden folk), who are magical creatures invisible to the human eye. They may sound like a child’s tale, but whole building projects have been diverted in order to avoid their supposed habitats.


For any child in love with nature or that has an adventurous need to climb mountains, there is nowhere better than the rolling green hills of Wales. Beautiful and completely family-friendly no matter what kind of holiday you are looking to have. There are even beaches for those that are looking for a coastal tinge – such as kayaking or coasteering – to their holiday experiences.

Energetic children may also find a match for their endless enthusiasm. The Bounce Below experience is a set of trampolines which are built inside underground caves, which is bound to delight. Trips to Wales also tend to be quite budget-friendly, depending on the area, so certainly worth the beauty per pound ratio!

Budget Friendly

For those struggling with budgets, finding a cheap and cheerful area close to home is the ideal situation. Those living in the UK can find a great experience in a lesser travelled area of the UK: the Midlands. Full of exciting attractions for children including the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley (which has a time travel experience to the 1930s), Sea Life Centre in Birmingham, the beauty of the Peak District and even the steam railway in the Severn Valley. These are all close to home – a quick train ride in most cases – and activities that children will love.

Of course, for some, the reality of travelling with children is not one that many people consider realistic. Particularly for those in a difficult position. For example, a foster carer may feel that taking their foster children on holiday is not a feasible option. However, a private fostering allowance would actually pay for this and more. So it is always a good area to explore if you feel that travelling is impossible on your current budget.

Final Thoughts

Budget is always at the heart of decision making when it comes to finding the best location for your next child-friendly family holiday. However, there is no reason that the whole family cannot go and enjoy a great experience together no matter if you go 20 miles down the road or 200 miles across the sea. All you need to do now is narrow down the choices depending on your circumstances.