Camping Gear You Can’t Go Without

The great thing about camping is that it can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of your budget. You don’t have to have a fancy RV or the latest and greatest in thermal flask technology. However, there are certain pieces of camping gear that you’ll need if you want to make your time as relaxing and enjoyable as possible. After all, in a place where basic amenities are a world away, a little comfort goes a long way.

If you’ve ever gone camping before, you’ve likely realized that there’s a ton of gear and equipment to choose from. It’s important to keep in mind that not all of it is necessary. A minimalist approach will help you focus more on the environment you’re camping in and not stress about keeping all your belongings in check. Here are some of the things you should take before heading out.


Perhaps the most obvious necessity is a good tent. We all know that, so let’s focus on what makes a tent worth your money in the first place. Cost aside, the most important consideration is if it’ll fit everyone who’s coming along. You don’t want to buy a circus tent, but you should also ensure that everyone will have some room to breathe.

An alternative to this is simply buying a small tent for each person. Also consider whether it’ll fit into your bag if you plan on hiking as opposed to staying in one place. A general rule is that two people should get a three-man tent, with the extra space being for your gear.

Camping Stoves

While the cliché image of skewered marshmallows over a fire would have you believe that a flame is all you’ll need, consider what you’ll be eating and how it needs to be cooked to be edible. A fire is not only tedious to set up, but it can harm the environment or even spread to become something a lot more catastrophic. This is where a camping stove saves the day.

With it you can cook almost anything, as well as being able to boil water so you can take tea, coffee or hot chocolate along with you. Gas canisters are a popular and affordable choice. There are also Biolite stoves, which use twigs as fuel and can charge your phone while you cook.

Camping Cots

We’ve gone through two very traditional choices, but a camping cot is likely an unheard-of necessity among beginners. These are essentially packable beds that provide an additional bit of comfort over sleeping bags. The first thing to consider is the weight to comfort ratio.

Larger, thicker cots provide more comfort in exchange for being heavier to carry around, whereas lightweight cots are better suited for campers on the go. For more information on which camping cot is best for you, check out this article on the best camping cots.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices when it comes to camping equipment. A simple solution is to do some research, make a list of what you’ll need and then add the luxuries depending on how much space and money you have left.