Great Cruise Destinations To Consider For Your Winter Getaway


Now that winter’s set in and Christmas is on the way, you might be wondering how you can get away from the winter doldrums and into something truly spectacular either for a winter getaway from the grey and dreary UK weather or as a Christmas gift for that special someone. Cruises are always a popular option for anyone looking to head out on a truly unique and exceptional holiday, especially in the winter with so many fantastic cruising destinations and itineraries to choose from. If you’re looking to live the high life on board a Celebrity Cruises vessel, you might wonder just what destinations you can choose and why they’d make the perfect gift choice for that difficult to buy for person. Here are some of their top destinations and why you should consider choosing them as your cruising specialist this winter and beyond.

Arabian Sea and India

What better way to celebrate a special occasion or even just the holiday season that by cruising through some of the most exotic and romance-inducing areas of the world? Leaving from Abu Dhabi in the UAE, this itinerary takes you down the coast of India through some of the regions most unique coastal towns and cities, allowing you a true taste of the East. Savour spices and silks like never before while strolling through some of Mangalore or Goa’s markets before boarding the cruise again to sail through the beautiful turquoise seas near Oman and back to Abu Dhabi.


Who doesn’t want to experience this gorgeous area in style? The Caribbean has always been home to the most beautiful beaches and seas, along with the friendliest of people. Experience the hospitality of the Caribbean as you start in Fort Lauderdale and explore the laid back charm of Key West before heading down to the azure seas of the likes of Cozumel and Costa Maya before visiting the regal Cayman Islands. For the beach lover, this is the cruise of a lifetime, and it’s easy to see in the choices of stops along the way why this continues to be a hugely popular option for almost anyone.

Italy and Dalmatian Coast

When it comes to highly desirable destinations in Euorpe, Italy is one of the favourites. With such beautiful locations as the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Naples and more, it’s easy to see why it’s a hot destination. Add to this the possiblity of cruising the canals of Venice and you have yourself the perfect combination of things to see and do in one of the world’s most sought after places. With the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia only a stone’s throw away as well, there’s never been a better way to really get a feel for the Mediterranean island life than through a cruise to this area.

Australia and South East Asia

When winter comes to the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time to head south. The waters around far north western Australia are incredible and teeming with wildlife, they’re warm and clear and like nothing else you’ve ever seen. The coast is full of hidden wonders and unique natural sights, from cliffs to caves to dinosaur footprints preserved in the mud-turned-stone. See all of that and more on an incredible Broome Sunset Cruise, and see a corner of the world that you won’t believe exists. Make sure you also embark on a Kimberley coast cruise, with views of a coastline unlike any other.

So if you’re wondering where you can head to on a cruise that will leave you speechless at every turn, consider one of these great options for a holiday that will stick with you in your memory forever.