How I Change My Life By Traveling

Being a businesswoman, mother, and wife can be a complete challenge at times. From the exhausting routine to the countless troubles and roadblocks every single day, it’s easy for me to feel overwhelmed at times. Once, while discussing this topic with friends, I got the best possible advice: “If you don’t like your life, change it!” Well, although that seemed simple enough, I wasn’t sure where to even start! Perhaps by instinct, perhaps by desire, I ended up walking into a travel agency one day in the hopes of changing my life. Five years later, I could not be happier with this decision!

In the hopes of helping those who may feel the same way I did, I have put together a short article on “How I Changed My Life By Traveling”. Hope you guys enjoy the article and end up finding some answers that could change your life for the better!

Reassess my life and goals

If the next topics are more focused on others, this one is purely referring to you. It can be hard to lose my sense of identity once I have all these titles attached to myself: mom, wife, businesswoman. By taking a trip alone, I feel like I can just focus on MYSELF, and what I like. By keeping a clear mind, I can also focus on setting future goals both for my personal and professional life.

Last year I had a chance to go to Tony Robbins’ seminar in Florida. It was eye-opening for me in many way. I learned more about my values, the important goals I have for myself and how to live a purposeful life.

Get away from my usual routine

The greatest source of discontent in my life prior to travelling was my routine. As I think of it now, I can’t even decide if I should describe it as boring or as exhausting. And traveling gave me the break in my routine I needed! It doesn’t matter if it’s a long trip to another country or just an intimate weekend nearby, going through my weekly routine is a breeze once I know my next trip is near. My advice to beat a harsh routine: focus on enjoying the free time by getting rid of routines!

Learn something new

I’m a firm believer that once you stop learning, you stop growing. Especially being a parent, I want to have the power to not only educate my children but also to expose them to new learning experiences. And what a great way to teach someone something then by putting them in contact with it! Find out what you would like to know more about, or what your family would like to know more about, and plan a trip around this new-found topic! You may go abroad, or just travel a couple kilometers away, it’s all up to you!

Experience something new

Much like “Learn something new” by being in contact with it, I absolutely love to experience new things as a family as an attempt to better improve ourselves. At the same time, by providing myself with the opportunity to try out something new, or eat something I had never eaten before, or even by visiting something I hadn’t before, I know I will feel enriched and more knowledgeable after this experience. Whether you are into gastronomy, adrenaline, fashion…, finding the right experience for you and your family will turn your trip into an instant success!

A getaway with those I love

Whenever I feel like I’m losing contact with my spouse, kids, or even friends, I like to plan a special trip just for us. And believe me, if you think planning a trip every time you have a “fight” may not be a cheap option, you are completely wrong! A short one-day trip to the local museum or winery, or whatever you see fit, can work wonders when it comes to helping you reconnect with those who matter the most.