How to cook a fast breakfast when traveling

Healthy and nutritious breakfasts don’t come cheap and aren’t particularly easy to make, especially if you have little to no experience when it comes to preparing something yourself. Things might be even more challenging when you’re on the run or traveling out of town.

There are several resources you could always come back to, especially given that hotel rooms aren’t equipped with any appliance other than an electric kettle, and that’s only if you are fortunate. One of the best YouTube channels you can utilize if you want to make sure that you are able to cook your own food even on a low budget and while you are out of town is Brothers Green Eats. In fact, these guys even have a series dedicated to hotel room cooking.

It goes without saying that packing your belongings is daunting enough seeing how you probably don’t want to forget anything important. Apparently, taking your electric tortilla press on the road isn’t the best idea, especially if you wish to save some space. However, if you do have enough room in your car, we urge you to do so. You can even take a burger press or small electric grill if you’re resolute about making your own food while you are away from home.

The neat thing about some hotel rooms is that they have small freezers or fridges. Therefore, whenever you have some spare time, you can go to the local supermarket or butcher’s shop and buy yourself a piece of steak and then cook it with the help of a clothing iron or the grill you’ve brought along.

Of course, all of these quirky ideas might seem more or less crazy, especially as cooking takes a bit of time and you have to possess an amount of determination in order to stick to it. Moreover, not all people have the talent or patience when it comes to cooking their own food. Preparing breakfast is easy if you take everything with a grain of salt and realize that store-bought things can contain a lot of sodium and sugar your body probably doesn’t need right now or ever, for that matter.

Your shopping list, whenever you go out of town, should include fresh veggies and fruit, as well as several ingredients you can work with to prepare delicious salads. These may range from hummus to cilantro and any other kinds of veggies to pita bread and anything else you might like. Keep in mind that popcorn can be both a nutritious snack, but there is nothing stopping you from adding it to your salad for a bit of an extra crunch.

The most classic and uncomplicated breakfast you can have while you’re in a bit of a hurry is some pita bread with spreadable cheese, some nicely chopped tomatoes, as well as a bit of salami or pancetta if you aren’t a vegetarian. Since fiber can keep you feeling full for a longer amount of time compared to fat, sugar, and protein, it wouldn’t hurt if you also indulged in an apple.

Be wary of some fruit which might contain more sugar that you actually need. Bananas and grapes have little to no fiber, but they do contain a lot of sugar. While carbs are great if you want to get that full feeling quickly, they might not be the right choice if you don’t want to munch on something else just one hour after having had breakfast. And let’s face it — nobody likes to go through a long and tedious meeting when feeling hungry.