How to Properly Store and Use Your Travel Photos


Photographs allow us to walk through the streets of the places that we have been and re-live moments we would otherwise forget. Bringing home photos of your travels is the best souvenirs that you can possibly take, but the power of digital photography means that we can all too easily take thousands of photos every day. Data overload can be just as difficult to overcome as not having enough photos in the first place. How do you display them? How do you make the most of these great memories? Follow these tips, and you’ll make better use of your photographs:

1. Protect Your Data

Before you can think about how to display and use your photographs, you need to first ensure that the data is protected. If it has been corrupted or you think it has been lost already, however, don’t panic. There are computer forensics Cleveland specialists near you available. They will help you recover any data that you might have lost, and are capable of extracting data from a wide range of data storage options.

2. Organize Your Data

Photos can easily become a blur when on a computer they show up as numerical file numbers. That is why you cannot simply back up your photos onto a hard drive and be done with it. You need to sort through them and add metadata as you go along. If you are serious about photography, either as a hobby or as a career, you can opt for Adobe’s Photography plan, which will give you access to Photoshop and Lightroom for an affordable price. Use Lightroom, in particular, to add metadata, from people to tags, to location.

On your hard drive, however, you need to organize through date. Changing the order of your photos on the hard drive later can prove to be a headache when Lightroom cannot find the photos, even if the reason is as simple as a file name change. Organize your photos correctly, and you will not only never lose a photo, but you’ll also be able to search and sort through them whenever you need to quickly.

3. Creating Capsule Albums

The greatest part of having a plethora of photos to choose from is that you have options. Create albums that you share on the cloud or through social media that are less than 50 images. This will force you to choose the best photos that not only look fantastic, but also encapsulate the trip, what you did, and your experiences. On social media you could even take the time to add in journal entries to further complete the experience. Curating your memories like this will make it much easier and more rewarding for your friends and family to go through your photographs, and can act as a great quick access port for when you want to reminisce.

4. Printing Photos

There are so many ways you can print and display your photographs. You can have an entire wall collage that acts as the focal point of the room. You could have a photo printed on a pillow cover. Have a mixture of mediums and formats you can choose in order to display your favorite photos around your home.

Don’t lose your memories due to data overload. Store them safely, organize them correctly, and curate the best of the best. That way you can relive your favorite moments whenever you want to, and never have to worry about losing precious memories ever again.