Incredible natural panoramas that will make you grateful to be alive

Few things on this earth make you feel more connected, and overwhelmed, by the beauty of life than being surrounded by breath-taking nature. Whether you’re gazing up at snow-capped peaks or watching the sun’s burning orb set into the ocean, these incredible views are a constant reminder of our modest role in the universe and inspire feelings of humility and gratitude.

Maybe you’re already chasing sunsets across the world, or building a collection of envy-inducing photographs from Mother Nature’s most impressive sights. Yet, have you witnessed all these?

The expansive Himalayas from the Annapurna Circuit

Colloquially referred to as the ‘ABC,’ the trek to Annapurna Base Camp can be grueling. Passing through varied landscapes — such as rhododendron forests and terraced farmland, then up into deep snow — the trek brings you to a sensational 4,130 m above sea level. Those who make it all the way to Base Camp, for some the trek proves too difficult to complete, are blessed with vistas across the Himalayan peaks.

The exhaustion from 10 days of trekking, paired with the exhilaration of making it to your destination, may leave you weak with joy and fighting back the tears of happiness.

Count your blessings, and countless constellations, in Bryce Canyon, Utah

For thousands of years, philosophers, artists and spiritual leaders have been fascinated by the stars, and for good reason. At home in the United States — and similarly in towns and cities across the globe — the power of our night skies has been diminished by light pollution, meaning the stars and their constellations are much less visible than in days gone by.

Get yourself out into the wilderness to witness the true beauty of the stars. Pitch up at Bryce Canyon campgrounds, where the Milky Way is often is as clear as day. The morning views aren’t half bad either, with visibility often reaching 100 miles into the distance. A break in Utah’s canyon parks will restore you with a sense of responsibility for nature and a gratitude to be part of it.

Sunset in the Gili Islands, Indonesia

There are few better scenes for an ultimate sunset than the ocean that stretches, uninterrupted, from one edge of the horizon to the other; that’s exactly why watching the sunset in the Gili Islands is so special. It matters little whether there are clouds in the sky or not, without fail, Indonesian dusks set the sky alight with fiery pinks and deep purples. Clear the memory storage on your phone, you’ll want to take a new photo every time there’s a subtle shift in light!

With the Gili Island’s proximity to Bali, you’ll likely find peaceful yogis saluting the sun here, morning and night. So, find yourself a comfortable seat at a beachside bar, or just down by the water’s edge, grab a drink and toast to the good life.

Indeed, a visit to any of these destinations will make you pinch yourself with disbelief — it’s wonderful to feel so connected, spiritually and emotionally, to the world around us.