luxury travel destinations you won’t want to miss

Want to take your travels to the next level? If your favored holiday spots are boring the heck out of you, why not go somewhere else for a change?

Splurging by going to places that the rich favor will reinvigorate your love for travel, as they know where the most fulfilling experiences in the world can be had.

Given the value they create on a daily basis, they spare no expense in pampering themselves when they go on vacation.

Michael Briese thinks the same way, as the finance industry is a high risk industry that requires one to make the best of things when times are good. As such, he always finds ways to feed his travel addiction.

Following his Instagram only confirms this, as he is obsessed with finding gorgeous surroundings in which to photograph himself.

In this post, we’ll review some happening luxury travel destinations you won’t want to miss.

1) Seychelles

Want to stroll along the most splendid beach you have ever seen in your life? The Seychelles is the perfect destination for the beach lover, though you should be warned that visiting will raise the bar impossibly high on any future places you visit.

Blessed with plenty of wine shops and boulangeries stocked with fresh baguettes thanks to its past as a French possession, there is more to this archipelago than its fabulous beaches.

However, we won’t blame you if you spend most of your time there, as they are studded with otherworldly granite boulders that will make it hard for you to stop taking Instagrams. 

2) The Maldives

Need a bit more privacy? The Maldives is the perfect place to find it, as this far-reaching chain of coral islands features hundreds of small isles featuring nothing but private resorts, palm trees, and blissful peace and quiet.

With nothing but celestial blue water to be seen from the deck of your overwater bungalow, you’ll be able to unwind in a way that isn’t possible in more connected places throughout the world.

Within your abode, amenities like private infinity pools, beds that feel like clouds, and being a short stroll away from five-star cuisine will have you planning your return trip to the Maldives before you have even left the country. 

3) Saint Lucia

If 20 hour plane rides aren’t your idea of fun, know that there are plenty of options in your backyard. In the Caribbean, we suggest going on vacation in Saint Lucia.

With the Pitons being visible from your front deck of your villa, you’ll quickly understand why the wealthy have favored this place for generations.

Don’t feel like lounging for the entirety of your time in Saint Lucia? Go on an excursion to natural hot springs located in the center of the island.

Heated by volcanic processes that are still at work just below the surface, you’ll be privy to an experience that will relax your body and free your mind, as you will be surrounded by the sounds of the jungle as the hot water loosens the knots in your muscles.