Shopping For A Bike Helmet & Jacket

There is now a wide range of motorcycle helmets and jackets available in the motorcycle accessories shops and you can check them out at the different motorcycle accessories websites. They come in different brands, designs, fashions, colours and are made with different materials. There is such a big selection out there that sometimes motorcyclists just do not know which helmet is the safest choice and which jacket is the best option.

For full protection, the full face helmet is the most sort after. Full face helmet covers the top, back and front of the motorist’s head. Full face helmet comes with a chin bar. If you are looking for a full face helmet, look for one that is well ventilated. Preferably one that has removable and washable padding to keep your helmet free from sweaty smell. To minimize fogging, you will need to find one with anti-fogging lenses and also able to direct your exhalation away from the visor.

Another popular choice is the open face helmet. The safety coverage is almost the same as the full face helmet except for the face. So if you are looking for an open face helmet, get one that has a flip-down visor to protect your face and eyes from dust particles, insects and rain. You may also need a bandana to protect your chin or a pair of good quality goggles for eyes protection if there is no flip-down visor. Checking out the Suomy motorcycle helmets on some of the websites will show you some of the helmets currently available in the market.

Whatever your preference, there is a jacket out there made just for you if you take your time to look for it. The jackets are all designed and tailored to meet the needs of the riders and their style of riding e.g. cruiser, racing or sports, street, dirt riding, or all-purpose riding. Most jackets like the Scorpion motorcycle jackets are made from leather and textile materials. Both materials have their disadvantages and advantages depending on your riding style. For abrasion resistance, leather jacket is the best choice. If you are looking for a waterproof jacket, then a textile jacket is just the thing for you. Textile jacket is much lighter and more flexible than a leather jacket.

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