The Best Travel Destinations for Music Lovers

Whether you play an instrument, sing, make your own music or are passionate about beautiful music, there are a few places around the globe that you should consider visiting. Here are just a few of the best travel destinations if you love music.

Vienna, Austria

Vienna is well-known as the capital of European classical music – and rightly so. Some of the most famous classical musicians in the world spent their time here performing and composing, includes the likes of Beethoven and Mozart. There are many great classical music venues where you can watch show after show of beautiful performances. You may even want to enjoy the great outdoors whilst watching an ensemble in one of the city’s parks.

Memphis, Tennessee

This is where rock ‘n’ roll was born. It is the heart of the blues and is where a lot of gospel and soul music came into being. You may have heard of one of the famous streets in Memphis, named after a song by W.C. Handy, in which you will find blues bar after blues bar. Memphis is also home to the studio where Elvis Presley cut his first single, not knowing just how well-known he would become. If you love a bit of blues music, you must visit Memphis, although be warned, you may not want to leave.

Sydney, Australia

When you think of Sydney, you probably think of the great Sydney Opera House. Whether you want to watch a great display in the opera house by the Sydney symphony orchestra or you wish to sit in the majestic open-air opera theatre on the harbor, you will be blown away. There are many famous bands that play Australia every year, and to catch the great open-air theatre, the best time to visit is during the Australian summer. If this doesn’t reignite your love of music, perhaps Kent State can help. Kent State Online offers great courses in music education to share your passion for music to students.

New York

Well-known for its love of Broadway, anyone with a love of musical theatre should head to New York to see some of the best live shows the world has to offer. This city has something for everyone’s tastes though, from underground clubs and many live venues where up and coming artists are performing. You may also see many buskers on the streets, and if you’re lucky enough, you may even witness a flash mob dance.

Milan, Italy

If you’re looking for somewhere with a lot of musical history, Milan does more than just fashion. Home of some of the most fantastic opera houses, you can explore their history and then watch them come alive at night. There is also great nightlife in Milan for those looking to party into the early hours.

These are just a few of the many beautiful cities to explore if you enjoy getting back to the real roots of music and performance. Perhaps take your instrument there and have a go at busking on the streets yourself.