Ways of Earning an Additional Income Whilst Travelling That are Popular in 2017

Living in a city can be tough as sometimes your salary does not stretch far enough to get you to the next payday. By the time you pay your rent, transport, bills and food, you are left with little or no cash. Do not despair as there numerous ways of making some extra cash. 

Engage in Online Surveys

You can spend a few minutes of your day on your computer to complete online surveys as a great way of making some extra cash. There are numerous sites that deal with online surveys, including Mysurvey and Toluna, to mention a few. 

Become an App or a Website Tester

You can get paid for only testing new apps and websites, which is pretty simple. All you need to do is use the app or the site, complete a sequence of tasks and then speak your thoughts about the experience.

Get Back Some Cash on Shopping

If you do not shop online, you could be missing out on cash rewards. Some online shopping websites offer you cash gifts just for going through their websites to buy goods and services.

Rent Out Your Parking Space

If you have a parking space but don’t own a car, it is possible to make extra cash by renting it out, especially if you live close to office blocks, an airport or train station. You should market your space and its available dates on the available platforms in your area, then sit back and watch as serious cash builds up in your bank account.

Online Trading

Learn about the movements of prices of commodities like indices, forex and treasuries from a reputable provider such as CMC Markets. Trade on such a platform too and make use of the numerous tools available to help you generate cash. One plus point about online trading is that the capital requirements are quite low.

Earn Money for Just Searching the Web

You can make some extra cash by clicking on specific links via certain downloaded add-ons like Qmee and search as you normally would. This also works for eBay, Amazon and Bing, among others by clicking on the links that are normally provided on the left side of the page. Companies often pay Qmee to appear in these adverts, and when you click on them, you get a share of the profits.

Sell Your Recipe

If you think you can cook and you enjoy creating amazing dishes for your family and friends, why not get paid for sharing those recipes with everyone? Just submit your recipes to Student Eats and earn a little extra cash. They pay £5 per recipe.

Matched Betting

Although it may not sound right at first, matched betting is a great way to make quick cash. This is when you bet both for and against specific odds on two different sites for a guaranteed win. What makes it great is that you may get free credit when you sign up to the betting sites.

Trade Your Old Mobile Phone

Some sites will give you cash for your old mobile. However, you may receive a lesser amount of cash from the quoted one, but it depends entirely on the condition of your phone.

Sell Your Photographs

If you consider yourself a good photographer, you could earn money by selling your shots to stock image sites. These are the photos you come across when you search for anything on Google images. Make sure you are comfortable with whatever way those pictures will be used.

Walk the Dogs

So, you don’t earn money walking your dog; what if you can walk someone else’s dog and get paid for it? There are online sites that link dog owners with trusted dog sitters, walkers and boarders in their locality. You do not need to be an expert dog walker, you just need to love dogs and be able to offer a clean, safe and a fun environment for them.

Watch and Vote on Online Videos

If you have ample free time between jobs, watching online videos is a pretty much easy way to earn free cash while relaxing. Some sites give you points for watching short videos and answering questions. After earning a load of points, you can spend them on such rewards as magazine subscriptions, home appliances and DVDs, which will help you save money in the long run.

As evidenced in the above ideas, there are numerous ways to generate income, whether you are looking to improve your life, increase savings or simply boost your cash flow. Some methods are easy while others require extra effort, but all have the potential to pay off.