What smartphone has the best camera for your holiday snaps

Gone are the days when you need to carry around a bulky camera on holiday with you. Instead, it is much better to be using the latest smartphone to take your holiday snaps. Of course, smartphones have the added advantage that you can upload the photos to social media or send by email in an instant. Therefore, the quality of cameras on phones are becoming more and more important. This short article will help you to think about the best smartphone to take all your holiday snaps on, including those all important selfies!

How to choose your smartphone

Picking a smartphone is a complicated business at the best of times and choosing one with a high quality camera can be an added complication. The best place to start is probably with your budget. Set yourself a budget per month that you wish to spend on your phone contract and make sure that you stick to it!

Next, it’s time to have some fun choosing that perfect phone. Use a comparison website to compare mobile phone deals on offer. This will often enable you to find a much better deal than simply going to the mobile phone operator directly themselves. Of course, this is not always the case and it is always worthwhile talking to your current network provider as well, once you are clear on the phone that you want and how much you want to spend every month.

The best smartphone cameras

We have given you a head start on your choice of what smartphone to buy. These are the current top four smartphone cameras available on the market:

1) The smartphone camera that comes out on top is the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. This fantastic smartphone comes with two cameras on the rear which enables the user to switch between the two with one having a wider lens angle than the other. The camera has a 12MP 1/3-inch, 28mm, f/1.8 and 12MP 1/3.6-inch, 56mm, f/2.8 lens with optical image stabilisation.

Everyone will be familiar with Apple’s state of the art smartphones, and the iPhone 7 Plus is no exception. The camera comes with excellent build quality across the whole phone, high quality hardware with Apple’s famous iOS operating system. This could be an excellent phone choice for Apple lovers.

2) The Google Pixel phone also sports an excellent 12.3 MP camera. This phone has been redeveloped and this years version provides a much improved offering that allows it to compete with other flagship devices. What is particularly nice about the Google Pixel is the 5.5-inch QHD display which provides the user with an excellent viewfinder when taking pictures.

3) The HTC 10 is another strong contender when it comes to a great smartphone camera. However, it is questionable if the rest of the phone matches the camera’s quality. HTC has attempted to use a dual camera in the past, however, this phone has a single camera which is more than adequate. The HTC 10 sports a 2MP 1/2.3-inch, 26mm, f/1.8 camera, also with

optical image stabilisation and laser autofocus.

4) Many people will describe the Samsung S8 as the top smartphone available at the moment. This has a 12MP camera behind a wide f/1.7 lens. Not only is this phone capable of taking some stunning photos, but combined with high quality hardware and a user friendly android interface it will be the obvious choice for many, providing you can find a deal that will suit your budget.

There is a great range of phones to choose from right now, many with excellent cameras. Customers will need to carefully consider what exactly they need from the phone as well as the camera to ensure they make the right choice. While a camera is an important feature for many, in our opinion it is important to strike a balance between camera, battery life, functionality and design. Choosing a new smartphone can sometimes seem a little daunting, so make sure that you spend some time thinking carefully about what you need from a smartphone in addition to the camera!