You Can’t Visit Asheville Without Doing These 4 Things

Within recent years, North Carolina has become quite the tourist destination of choice in the southern part of the United States, and although most activities are enjoyed in the warm summer months, there is plenty to do all year long. Whether you are traveling in the summer or visiting North Carolina in the fall or winter, you really can’t visit Asheville without doing or seeing these four things.

1. Plan a Stay at the Biltmore Estate

There is one thing you will learn about Asheville right from the very get-go, and that would be that the Biltmore family was (and is to this day) a huge presence in the area. From the Biltmore Industries that were largely responsible for the prosperity of the city to the family palatial residence, you will see the family’s influence everywhere you turn. Today the Biltmore Estate houses one of the area’s most iconic inns, so you just might want to book your reservations early.

2. Solve a Mystery at Asheville Escape Rooms

Often referred to as breakout rooms, escape rooms are becoming quite the trend and are taking the country by storm. At the Asheville escape rooms, you can solve mysteries such as finding a missing agent in a casino room or solve the mystery behind a hijacking and break away before the time runs out on your clock. You have one hour to solve the mystery if you want to break out, winning the game. Never fear, however, as you won’t be locked in the room alone. Other players are there to help you solve the mystery, so there’s hope for you yet.

3. Just When You Thought You’d Seen the Last Biltmore Landmark – Grovewood Village

As mentioned above, the Biltmore family has a huge presence in the area and much of today’s economy can be traced back to their influence in days gone by. The Grovewood Village is located just across the street from Asheville’s Omni Grove Park Inn. At the Grovewood Inn you will see where Biltmore Industries had their weaving and textile factory in previous centuries and today it is a museum and memorial to the family that had such an influence on the city as well as on the American textile industry.

4. Asheville Ghost Tours

Don’t get spooked just yet, because you’ve seen nothing until you’ve seen an Asheville ghost or two. Whether or not you will really see a ghost is up to conjecture, but one thing is for certain, you will be taken along a tour to see real locations said to have had real sightings of ghosts. Some have even been documented in an effort to verify authenticity of sightings.

Isn’t it fun to explore new cities where you’ll almost never find the same things to do, foods to eat or sights to see? When taking your next vacation in North Carolina, don’t forget to stop in Asheville because this is a city with a long history left behind as a testament to the people who carved the path into a future you see today. A lovely city deserving to be named among the best cities to visit in the United States of America.